Are Routers with Antennas Better?

TP-Link router

You often wonder why so many antennas are installed on a small router. What purpose do they serve, and what difference will their absence make? Antennas play an integral role in increasing the efficiency of a router. That is why their quantity matters. The article below will help you understand why antennas are so important … Read more

What is Network Attached Storage (NAS)?

What is Network Attached Storage

When you think of PC storage, the traditional terms are hard drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD) but there’s a product you may never have even heard of; Network Attached Storage (NAS). We’re going to talk more about what NAS actually is, how it’s different from the more well-known methods of storage, and how it … Read more

Is OpenAI publicly traded?

OpenAI is an eminent artificial intelligence research organization, but is OpenAI publicly traded? Since its inception, the company has been making strides in artificial intelligence and is at the forefront of developing new technologies.  One question often arises in discussions about OpenAI is whether the company trades publicly. In this article, we will explore this … Read more

Who Makes the Best Routers?

TP-Link Archer AX90 Best Routers For Small Business in 2022

Wireless routers are not all the same and have many different qualities and features. We have compiled a list of the best router manufacturers for those of you that are in the market for a new router, but are unsure what one to go for. Who Makes the Best Routers? TP-Link TP-Link is still one … Read more

Are Some Routers Better Than Others?

When choosing the best router, you will come across many different options. Wireless routers, for instance, have various standards of protocol and communication. Read further to find out what makes some routers better than others. Some Routers are Better Than Others There can be a lot of factors determining the reason one router is better … Read more

What question did Bard get wrong?

Google’s latest release, Bard, had a shaky start after it appeared to give an incorrect response during a demonstration video. But, what question did Bard get wrong? For those who aren’t familiar, Bard is a new AI chatbot that is a direct rival to OpenAI’s famous model – Chat GPT. The new tool runs off … Read more

Make audio responsive wallpapers in Wallpaper Engine

Imagine having your own personal light show right on your PC screen. Well, with audio responsive wallpapers you can! Whether you are looking to make audio responsive wallpapers in Wallpaper Engine, or simply seeking to download one, the Wallpaper Engine Workshop has everything you need. Audio responsive wallpapers work by using visualizer software. This program … Read more

Can a smart fridge get hacked?

Smart fridges are all the rage, but their internet connectivity might have you wondering: can a smart fridge get hacked? The answer, sadly, is yes. Just as any other computer in your home connected to the internet can be, from security cameras to smart vacuums. That’s why it’s important to never connect your devices to … Read more