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Boost your business with My AskAI bot
Last Updated on January 29, 2024
My AskAI service, based on OpenAI's ChatGPT LLM.
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Over the last decade, Artificial Intelligence has seen tremendous development in almost every industry. From business to the education sector, AI-powered technology is everywhere, resulting in a lot of saved time and money and bringing more efficient and improved results. My AskAI is one of the popular AI tools that helps you automate your business, but is AskAI free?

Is AskAI free?

This AskAI amazing tool is an extremely useful tool for businesses to automate things effectively and quickly and it can easily store large amounts of content to deliver more effective results. Maybe you are also thinking about whether AskAI is free or need a subscription. This kind of technology you may have seen in talk to your PDF or talk to your website.

My AskAI is a beast AI chatbot that offers free plans for its users but you are limited to basic features, and it’s perfect for small companies and businesses. My AskAI assistant also has paid plans with access to premium features that start from $13.30/month for small startups and $66/month (for revenue-generating best SAAS companies) for bigger companies which you have to purchase separately. The high-end plan offers all premium customization options with unlimited questions, webpages, and connection support for other apps such as Google Drive, Shopify, Slack, Zapier, Teams, Whatsapp, and Notion. 

What is AskAI

AskAI is a game-changer question-answering AI tool developed by the My AskAI firm. In simple terms, the AI tool takes the data from creators just like a custom ChatGPT and delivers the question’s quick answers based on the data you upload. Apart from that, you can also create different types of bots as per your purposes. For instance, if you want to create excellent customer support for your website, this tool will help you create a customer support AI bot for the customer experience that answers their questions 24/7. There is an API version also available.

Other than that, these AI assistants can be used for different purposes including teaching, onboarding, research, content, marketing, knowledge sharing, to know employees within an organization, and much more. 

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How can I access Ask AI?

Using AskAI is pretty straightforward. Follow these simple steps to use the AskAI tool. 

  • Launch any browser, go to the MyAskAI website, and register yourself. 
  • Name your AskAI bot and select the mode from the following (Search/Chat/Explain). 
  • Upload all related content and customize it accordingly.
  • Now you’re all set! Start asking questions. 

The AI chatbot is capable of answering both complex and simple questions and offering an effective solution to the content you upload. However, keep in mind that this AI bot can only able to answer questions depending on the content you upload. 

The AskAI is a simple question-answering bot that is trained on your content. While it’s not as scalable as ChatGPT (comes with four plans – Free plan, ChatGPT Plus, Teams, and Enterprise plan), it can easily handle generating content, maths, and product recommendations areas. However, it lacks document verification, scheduling events, and data analysis. 

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