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Is Snapchat’s AI Chatbot Safe? Addressing concerns

Addressing some concerns over the social media chatbot

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on December 5, 2023
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Wondering whether Snapchat’s AI chatbot is safe? Snapchat recently introduced its own AI chatbot, My AI. This chatbot avatar, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, aims to offer users advice, answer questions, and engage in conversations. However, many people have raised concerns regarding the safety and appropriateness of My AI, especially for its young user base. 

In this article, we will look at the safety concerns associated with the AI chatbot’s usage and safety measures that should be put in place before and after the deployment of AI chatbots.

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Is Snapchat’s AI Chatbot Safe? Unpredictable Responses

The chatbot has some notable deficiencies. Some experiments carried out showed that My AI can sometimes generate unpredictable responses, some of which may be inappropriate for certain Snapchat users. This highlights the potential dangers of the chatbot’s responses, which could impact the mental health and mood of especially younger users. In an experiment where researcher Aza Raskin posed as a 13-year-old girl, the AI’s responses were inappropriate and sometimes dangerous

Privacy Concerns and Retention of User Data

Apart from the potential risks associated with My AI’s responses, there are also privacy concerns surrounding the messaging service provided by the chatbot. This is similar to ChatGPT.

Snapchat acknowledges that unless manually deleted, a user’s message history with My AI will be retained and used for improving the chatbot’s functionality and personalizing advertisements. As a result, Snapchat, as a disclaimer, advises users not to share any confidential or sensitive information with My AI. This raises concerns about the security and privacy of users’ conversations and the potential misuse of their data.

Ensuring Safety Measures for AI Chatbots

The issues surrounding My AI on Snapchat highlight the need for stricter safety measures when implementing AI chatbots, particularly on platforms with a significant underage user base. To ensure the safety of users, AI chatbots should undergo thorough testing and continuous monitoring to prevent inappropriate responses. 

Additionally, platforms like Snapchat should provide clear guidelines to users, emphasizing the importance of not oversharing personal information or engaging in potentially harmful conversations.

Regulatory bodies and industry-wide standards should also play a crucial role in overseeing the development and deployment of AI chatbots. Implementing strict guidelines and regular audits can help prevent the dissemination of harmful content and protect vulnerable users from potential risks.

Is Snapchat’s AI Chatbot Safe? Conclusion

While Snapchat’s My AI chatbot offers an innovative and interactive experience within the app, concerns regarding its safety and appropriateness persist. The unpredictable responses and retention of user data by the chatbot pose significant risks to users.

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