Vertex AI – What is it?

What is Vertex AI?

Vertex AI

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Vertex AI offers provides enterprise-ready machine learning with Google Cloud. With generative AI solutions, chat and search capabilities, code generation workflows with 100+ foundation models, all in one unified AI platform.

What is Vertex AI used for?

Vertex AI is a cloud-computing AI platform that allows businesses to train their own machine learning models. It is used for classification, summarization, and extraction from datasets. AutoML comes built-in, allowing for a custom training workflow, and an ML model unique to each business client. Vertex AI’s PaLM API for generative text allows the user to design prompts with flexibility in terms of their structure and format.

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“We’re taking a very open ecosystem approach, working with broad ecosystem partners to provide choice and flexibility to our customers. We’ve built an approach to generative AI with enterprise readiness at its core, with a strong focus around data governance, responsible AI security and more.”

June Yang, VP of Cloud AI and industry solutions at Google

You can try Vertex AI for free here.

Is Vertex AI owned by Google?

Yes, Vertex AI is owned by Google.

Created in 2021, the large models platform is part of Google Cloud Services.

What are the advantages of Vertex AI?

The advantages of Vertex AI include the use of the california tech giants proprietary first-party models. This includes LLM (Large Language Model) PaLM 2 in addition to third-party models such as LLaMA from Meta.

In Google’s own words, Vertex AI offers “the widest variety of models with first-party, third-party, and open source models” in what they call Vertex AI’s model garden. This includes Falcon LLM, Imagen, Codey, and more. Furthermore, you can “use extensions to enable models to retrieve real-time information and trigger actions. Customize models to your use case with a variety of tuning options for Google’s text, image, or code models.”

This comes in addition to a host of benefits;

Google Cloud’s open-source ML model platform

  • Data scientists can take real-world actions with Vertex AI Platform’s industry solutions. Markedly, a business’s own data ingestion, real-time data training, tuning, and deploying ML models. In-house data connectors offer read-only access across various sources.
  • Vertex AI notebooks service comes included with your choice of Colab Enterprise or Workbench. BigQuery is also natively integrated providing a single surface across all databases and AI workloads.
  • Use Python code and Pytorch, with training code readily available.
  • Vertex AI Training and Prediction help you reduce training time and deploy models to production easily with your choice of open source frameworks and optimized AI infrastructure.

Generative and predictive artificial intelligence MLOps

  • Vertex AI Platform provides purpose-built MLOps tools for data scientists. ML engineers can automate machine learning projects under the guidance of Google’s world-leading software engineers.
  • Modular tools help you collaborate across teams. Batch image generation with integrated Google Cloud data management systems. Improve ML models throughout the entire development life cycle using TensorFlow. Identify the best model for a use case with Vertex AI Evaluation, orchestrate workflows with Vertex AI Pipelines, manage any model with Model Registry.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Search and Conversation with Google AI

  • Vertex AI Search and Conversation offers the fastest way for developers to build and deploy enterprise-ready generative AI powered search engines and chat applications. With an easy orchestration layer that abstracts away complexity and enterprise-ready data privacy and controls. This comes concurrently with data partners DataStax, MongoDB, and Redis. Vertex AI Search and Conversation lets developers build and deploy apps responsibly with an emphasis on compliance and auditing.

Other Google AI solutions

  • Also included are Contact Center AIDocument AIAnti Money Laundering AI, and Discovery AI solutions. These provide powerful and targeted capabilities to enable specific business results. Businesses can access, deploy, and use Google Cloud’s AI solutions directly. Alternatively, clients without the data infrastructure can deploy supported by one of Google’s priority partners.

What AI company is Elon Musk investing in?

Not Vertex AI. Elon Musk is creating his own enterprise-grade AI solution with the $300MM Tesla supercomputer.


Is Vertex AI good?

Yes, Vertex AI is a world-leading service at the enterprise-grade AI level.

Is Vertex AI worth it?

Yes, it’s worth it for corporate clients wanting to train their own ML models. Moreover, there’s no better option where multimodality is concerned.

Is Vertex AI free to use?

No, Vertex AI is not free to use. It does, however, have a free trial. You can find the Vertex AI pricing calculator here.

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