Can I Buy GPT-3?

The Cost of GPT-3: Pricing and Availability

Can I Buy GPT-3?

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Since its release in November 2022 as both a free and a paid version, the GPT-3 is creating a giant hype. Luckily, the web-based AI program is available for everyone over the internet. Moreover, as one of the most powerful language learning models, the GPT-3 helps users with many daily tasks.

So, if you plan to buy the GPT, we recommend reading the below.

Can You Buy GPT-3?

Millions of users register on the OpenAI website to use this AI-based language translator. Most of them are enjoying its services as free users. However, the GPT-3 is also available, besides being a free version. Those new to GPT-3 and lightweight users should start as free users. Sign up to their online website and register for an account to access their services.

The GPT-3 is also available in a paid version. OpenAI charges per word its users to use their services. As a free user, you will receive $18 for the first three months to use as you want. 

Afterward, the users are charged per token as suggested or set by the GPT-3. Each token means 0.75 words. So, 1000 tokens will cost its users around $0.06 if they are using GPT-3 most powerful DaVinci model. With their free $18 received for the first three months, users can get 300,000 free tokens.

Does It Have Safety Concerns?

Even though the GPT-3 is made free to use for anyone. However, that doesn’t mean you can use it for anything. It still has the safety limits that it strictly follows.

All users cannot access it for adult content, violence, or politics-based subjects. Moreover, viruses and hate speech topics are not on the list of AI content services.


The GPT-3 is available for purchase and also as a free mode. Therefore, it is up to the user to decide which mode suits them best. However, free users will have to face certain limitations. These include limited access when servers are busy and no exclusive features. Whereas paid users will get guaranteed server access even when busy with other exclusive features.

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