Google Bard Review – we see what it does and how well

Google Bard: a review of one of the most popular chatbots out right now

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Our experts bring you a Google Bard Review. Google’s chatbot is reportedly still in its experimental phase. However, how does it compare to other major players such as ChatGPT and Bing AI? Read on to discover its performance.

Google Bard Features

Coding Capabilities

A key new feature of Bard is its ability to code. The chatbot is able to generate code in over 20 different programming languages. You can even export Python code directly in Google Colab to test it. According to developers, Bard can understand a variety of languages including  C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, Python, TypeScript and even Google Sheets functions.

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When our experts tested this functionality, Bard performed very well. It generated code in seconds and it even included comments and the output to help users understand the AI’s ‘thought’ process.

Internet Access

A key feature of Google Bard is its access to up-to-date information. This chatbot has knowledge of live information from Google search meaning you can ask the conversational AI anything about any recent topic.  

There are not many AI chatbots which have this unique feature, and it definitely makes Bard stand out from its competitors. 

However, the accuracy of the AI platform is questionable. When it was launched (two or so months ago) Bard famously answered a seemingly simple question wrong about the James Webb Space Telescope. Since then, the creators have been working hard to improve the model. 

Google Docs and Gmail Integration

Bard now has a handy integration with Google Docs and Gmail. Users can now export content generated by the bot directly into these Google applications.

From first impressions, this feature works very well. With just one click Bard’s entire response is copied across into a new email or document. We can only see this feature being useful if you’ve asked Bard to draft you an email or any sort of essay or assignment. Otherwise, this add-on seems pretty redundant. Alternatively, you can copy and paste Bard’s responses the old-school way and get a similar result, minus the formatting elements.

Google Bard Usability

Bard features a sleek and simple user interface. It operates similarly to other chatbots such as ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing  – simply type in a prompt and click the send button. Compared to their competitors Bard seems to respond rapidly with almost no ‘thinking time’. 

In recent news, Google has lifted their waitlist and has rolled out Bard in English, Japanese and Korean in 180 countries and territories. To access the service all you need is a personal Google account and access to the internet as well as a supported web browser.

Google has also upgraded the user interface to include a classic feature called Dark theme. This option allows users to easily alter Bard’s appearance between light and dark backgrounds to improve readability.

Google Bard Pricing

If you already know a bit about Bard, you’ll know that the AI chatbot is completely free to use! It is unclear if Google will ever start charging for the service but for the time being, it seems like it will remain free…forever.

Google Bard Future

In the future, Bard is set to get some major upgrades. Google is reportedly partnering with Adobe to offer AI-generated images for the platform (similar to OpenAI’s DALL-E2). But that’s not all. Just like ChatGPT’s plugins, Bard is also getting its fair share of partnerships. Expect third-party web integration with services like Instacart and OpenTable.

Final Thoughts

Google Bard is an easy-to-use artificial intelligence chatbot that can now be accessed by millions worldwide. It is a fun addition to Google’s traditional search engine, offering its customers innovative ways to find information online.

Bard is a strong alternative to other similar services such as ChatGPT and Bing Chat. Given that the platform is free and has a pretty astonishing response time we think everyone should have a go on the platform.

Is Google Bard using PaLM 2?

Yes, Google has made some major upgrades to the service. One of which being PaLM 2. This is the next-generation language model created by Google’s developers which boasts “better multilingual and reasoning capabilities and is more compute-efficient than its predecessor“.