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How to Make Stable Diffusion Videos?

Last Updated on August 11, 2023
How to Make Stable Diffusion Videos
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Each day, the AI world is advancing in terms of technological advancements. Stable Diffusion, for instance, is one of the best AI-based tools that process human-written text prompts to generate the best-resembling art image.

But it has it become capable enough to generate videos? If so, then how? 

Let’s find out about it in the below read.

How to Make a Video with Stable Diffusion?

Making videos or GIFs with Stable Diffusion has now become possible. Users are exercising the latest img2img features to create short videos or GIFs that look like small videos.

In addition, the AI can now quickly lend animated frames to craft short videos. You can even use Deforum to create these videos. Deforum extends the Web UI, letting users direct or generate MP4 videos.

The Deforum is a powerful and reliable tool to help users create videos associated with Stable Diffusion.

To use the Deforum, take the below steps:



Install Deforum

Install the Deforum extension using the git clone command, but first, you must open a command prompt by changing the directories to the Stable. Diffusion. Web. ui folder.



Write Prompts

With Deforum, you can write multiple text prompts that will be used one after another to generate different images in sequence. For example, this will give them a shape of a video.



Adjust the Settings

Before you move toward the final step of generating the video, set the right settings as required for the video or GIFs output.

Settings will depend upon the user as to how they wish the output results to be, so change them wisely.

Can Stable Diffusion Generate Video?

Yes, it can, but only a short-sized video. The Runway, co-creators of Stable Diffusion, released an AI model to create a three-second video by processing text prompts.


Creating a real-time video with Stable Diffusion might take much work and effort. However, as technology advances, we hope it will become easier to generate videos from Stable Diffusion, just like it is creating images.

However, until then, users would have to use various sub-tools or extensions with commands which may be challenging to understand for every user.

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