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Is the Intel Arc A750 good? Our take (2023)

A new contender from Intel

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on July 27, 2023
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The 2023 graphics card market has seen the arrival of some surprising new contenders. Among them, the Intel Arc A750 has emerged as a compelling choice for gamers seeking a blend of affordability and performance. Much like its sibling, the A770, the Arc A750 was deemed decent at launch but has steadily climbed the ranks to become a compelling alternative to the Nvidia RTX range and AMD’s low to mid-range GPUs.

Is the Intel Arc A750 good? 

One of the standout features of the Intel Arc A750 is its impressive performance in public hardware benchmarks. The card delivers an astonishing 160 FPS at 1080p resolution on AAA games, including titans of the gaming world like CSGO, DOTA2, Siege, Apex, PUBG, OW2, and Valorant. Given these figures, it’s no surprise that the A750 has established itself as a competitive card across various regions. There’s great ray tracing units with upscaling at 1440p, rivaling Nvidia’s DLSS. Frame rates compare well, with an average 42 fps. Any motherboard will require a  PCI-Express 4.0 slot. 

The boost speed clocks in at 2400 MHz, up from a 2050MHz base speed. This is not miles off rivals like the RTX 4060 Ti 16GB.

Despite its commendable performance, the Arc A750 does have its limitations. One of the key considerations when choosing a graphics card is its future-proofing capabilities. With the A750, the aspect that might give potential buyers pause is its lack of AV1 decoding support. If you maintain a large library of videos or other media, and prioritize compact storage in your CPU, the AV1 encoding feature might be a vital factor in your decision-making process. Plus, it only has 8GB of VRAM. 

How does the Arc A750 measure up?

While the A750 may not support AV1 decoding, it still offers a compelling package overall. It’s particularly well-suited for PC gamers on a tight budget who prioritize in-game performance over features like AV1 encoding. Yes, it may not be the most future-proof card on the market, but the A750 provides substantial value for money and solid performance in many of the most popular games of 2023.

In conclusion, the Intel Arc A750 has proven itself a valuable player in the mid-range graphics card market. Its impressive performance in popular games, combined with its competitive price, makes it a worthy consideration for budget-conscious gamers in 2023. However, it is advertised as limited edition. So act fast.


Should I buy ARC A750?

If you’re on a tight budget and don’t place too much emphasis on AV1 decoding or extensive future-proofing, the Arc A750 is a good choice. It delivers solid performance on popular games and represents great value for money, making it a sound option for budget-minded gamers.

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