Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti Super vs RTX 3060: Which is better?

Is the new RTX 4070 Ti Super impressive enough to beat the RTX 3060 off the top spot?

Comparing the performance of RTX 4070 Ti Super vs RTX 3060 in gaming. Image shows two GPUs on a blue background below the Pc guide logo

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Since Nvidia’s announcement regarding the launch of the RTX 4070 Ti Super, many users have been left wondering whether it’s time for an upgrade. But how does this new arrival compare to other members of the Nvidia GPU family? In this RTX 4070 Ti Super vs. RTX 3060 comparison guide, we discuss the benefits of both graphics cards — aiming to aid you in any decision-making and help you find out which GPU would best suit your setup. We will compare the specifications, performance, and value of both GPUs, to find out how big of an upgrade this new addition is.

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✓ Overview

Is the RTX 4070 Ti Super better than the RTX 3060?

Yes! The RTX 4070 Ti Super represents a significant upgrade over the RTX 3060. Nvidia’s newer Ada Lovelace architecture brings advantages like faster clock speeds, more CUDA cores, and cutting-edge features like DLSS 3 with frame generation.

RTX 4070 Ti Super vs. RTX 3060: Specs at a glance

The RTX 4070 Ti Super and RTX 3060 represent different generations of Nvidia GPUs. The RTX 4070 Ti Super, based on the cutting-edge Ada Lovelace architecture, boasts significant advancements over the Ampere-powered RTX 3060. Let’s dive into the details:

Specifications RTX 4070 Ti SuperRTX 3060
ArchitectureAda LovelaceAmpere
Processor Size5 nm8 nm
Transistors45,900 million12,000 million
Base Clock2340 MHz1320 MHz
Boost Clock2610 MHz1777 MHz
Memory Clock1313 MHz21 Gbps effective1875 MHz15 Gbps effective
Memory Size16 GB12 GB
Memory Bus256 bit192 bit
Bandwidth672.3 GB/s360.0 GB/s
TDP285 W170 W
Shading Units84483584
SM Count6628
Tensor Count264112
L1 Cache128 KB (per SM)128 KB (per SM)
L2 Cache48 MB3 MB

Faster speeds

The RTX 4070 Ti Super’s substantially higher base and boost clock speeds translate directly to faster frame rendering times in games. This means smoother gameplay, especially at higher resolutions and with demanding graphical settings.

Enhanced memory

The RTX 4070 Ti Super boasts 4 GB more memory and a wider 256-bit memory bus compared to the RTX 3060. This translates to a significant reduction in bottle necking, a situation where memory limitations hinder the performance of other GPU components.

With more memory and a wider memory bus, the RTX 4070 Ti Super can handle higher resolution textures, complex effects, and store more data for faster processing. This leads to a smoother overall experience in games and applications that rely heavily on textures and high-resolution assets.

Advanced features

The increased tensor core count on the RTX 4070 Ti Super (264 cores compared to 112 on the RTX 3060) empowers superior performance in AI-driven features. Tensor cores are essential for technologies like Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), which utilizes AI to upscale lower-resolution images to higher resolutions while maintaining image quality.

This can result in significant performance gains without sacrificing visual fidelity, allowing gamers to enjoy higher frame rates at higher resolutions. Additionally, tensor cores are also used for other machine learning tasks, such as video editing and content creation workflows that can benefit from AI acceleration.

Power demands

The higher TDP of the RTX 4070 Ti Super (285W compared to 170W of the RTX 3060) indicates a greater power draw. This means you’ll need a beefier power supply unit (PSU) to accommodate the increased power consumption. Additionally, the higher TDP suggests the RTX 4070 Ti Super may generate more heat, so a more effective cooling solution might be necessary to maintain optimal thermals.

RTX 4070 Ti Super vs. RTX 3060: Performance

The RTX 4070 Ti Super is a performance powerhouse, leaving the RTX 3060 far behind. Here’s a closer look at the factors contributing to this performance difference:

FeatureNvidia RTX 4070 Ti SuperNvidia RTX 3060
Approximate Performance Difference2x fasterBaseline
Target Resolution4K, 1440p1440p, 1080p
Ray Tracing PerformanceExcellentGood

Raw power: CUDA cores and clock speeds

The sheer number of CUDA cores, the workhorses of a GPU, plays a vital role in gaming and content creation. The RTX 4070 Ti Super is expected to have over double the CUDA cores of the RTX 3060.

Combine this with its significantly faster clock speeds, and the potential performance boost becomes evident. This means the RTX 4070 Ti Super will tackle graphically intense games, 4K resolution, and complex rendering tasks with ease.

Ray tracing excellence

Ray tracing realistically simulates how light behaves in the real world, leading to incredibly lifelike visuals. The RTX 4070 Ti Super’s Ada Lovelace architecture brings enhanced ray tracing capabilities.

These improvements can translate into stunningly realistic shadows, reflections, and global illumination, taking your gaming immersion to the next level. Expect the RTX 3060 to struggle with demanding ray tracing effects compared to its next-generation counterpart.

AI acceleration: Tensor cores

Tensor cores are specialized units designed to accelerate artificial intelligence and machine-learning workloads. The RTX 4070 Ti Super’s tensor cores significantly outnumber those in the RTX 3060. This provides superior performance with features like DLSS 3, which can intelligently upscale images for increased frame rates without sacrificing visual fidelity.

While the RTX 3060 offers solid performance for 1080p and 1440p gaming, the RTX 4070 Ti Super is primed to be a beast for high-resolution gaming, demanding workloads, and ray tracing enthusiasts. If you want to future-proof your rig and experience the best visuals and performance modern games offer, the RTX 4070 Ti Super would be the superior choice.

RTX 4070 Ti Super vs. RTX 3060: Price and value

Choosing the right graphics card depends on your budget and desired performance level. Let’s break down the price and value aspect of the RTX 4070 Ti Super and the RTX 3060:

Graphics CardMSRPCurrent Market Price (approx.)
RTX 4070 Ti Super$799$800+
RTX 3060$329$350+

Premium choice: RTX 4070 Ti Super

The RTX 4070 Ti Super is a powerhouse GPU carrying Nvidia’s newest Ada Lovelace architecture and offering phenomenal performance for high-end gaming and demanding creative workflows. It commands a premium, with an MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) of $799.

However, current market prices may fluctuate, so it’s important to check with retailers for real-time pricing. If you prioritize exceptional frame rates, ray tracing capabilities, and potential for productivity tasks, the 4070 Ti Super can justify its price.

Budget-friendly contender: RTX 3060

Nvidia’s RTX 3060 presents a compelling choice for gamers seeking a decent 1080p or 1440p gaming experience at a far more approachable MSRP of $329. Though current market prices can vary, it generally remains a more budget-conscious option. While it lacks the raw power of the 4070 Ti Super, it delivers respectable performance for many modern titles.

✓ Eve’s thoughts

Lower prices

A low price is always an attractive option. However, it’s always good to remember to consider longevity and if saving up for a newer model may be more worthwhile.

Can the RTX 3060 run games at 4K?

As Nvidia progresses with its GPU range, the RTX 3060 may be considered an older, less impressive graphics card. However, it is still fully capable of running games at a 4K resolution. It offers an impressive performance and can easily handle older games at this resolution. If you want to find out more, we’ve covered this topic in full—here!

When will the RTX 4070 Ti Super come out?

According to Nvidia’s CES 2024 announcements, the RTX 4070 Ti Super is set to be released on January 24th, 2024. Just a week after the launch of the RTX 4070 Super. If you’d like to find out where to buy the RTX 4070 Ti — check out our article on retailers and more.

Final verdict

The RTX 4070 Ti Super represents a significant leap forward in GPU technology compared to the RTX 3060. With its advanced architecture, higher clock speeds, and increased memory capacity, the 4070 Ti Super promises exceptional performance for enthusiasts and professionals alike. However, the higher price point should be carefully considered, weighing the performance gains against budget constraints. Ultimately, both GPUs cater to different market segments, providing users with options based on their needs and financial considerations.

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