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Here’s what a custom Helldivers 2 GPU could look like

Would you change anything on this RTX 4090 GPU?
Last Updated on March 28, 2024
Our designed RTX 4090 featuring Helldivers 2 designs
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Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4090 is nothing short of a monster. Thanks to its Ada Lovelace architecture advancements in efficiency and 24GB GDDR6X VRAM, it’s no wonder we gave the card a stunning 4.5 stars in our full Nvidia RTX 4090 review. After all, it’s the fastest consumer-level graphics card on the planet with a bandwidth of over 1TB/sec that nothing else comes close to right now.

There’s not much we would change about the card – but as Helldivers 2 fans, we wanted to see what a 4090 inspired by the game could look like. We got our design team to mock up exactly that – an RTX 4090 that featured some of the Helldivers’ coloring and logos. Here’s my dream Helldivers 2 RTX 4090 GPU in all its glory:

High-performance RTX 4090 graphics card featuring triple cooling fans and a black design with yellow accents.
Our custom Helldivers 2 RTX 4090 GPU mockup © BGFG

Rather than an overstated card, packed with RGB, we decided to make our version of the Helldivers 2 card a bit more subtle. It was important to get an element of dark yellow as this is the primary color used in the Helldivers 2 logo background.
Elsewhere, we used the fans to sport some of the Helldivers 2 logos – which seemed like the best place to put them. Now, we could have gone more extreme here, but we think the more subtle approach works well. Of course, this is just a concept, but we would love to see more game-focused cards released.

For those wanting to upgrade to an RTX 4090, you won’t be shocked to hear it blasted through every benchmark we threw at it. Along with that simply massive 24 GB GDDR6X memory paired with a whopping 16,384 CUDA cores onboard; the card is home to 76,300 million transistors, making it complete overkill even for a demanding game like Helldivers 2. You’ll be able to get 60fps and above in native 4K, making it the ideal choice for the co-op action shooter.

A Helldivers 2 RTX 4090 triple-fan graphics card set against a blurred reddish-brown background.
A look at the triple-fan setup of our custom Helldivers 2 RTX 4090 GPU mockup © BGFG

Does Helldivers 2 have DLSS?

No, Helldivers 2 does not have DLSS right now as confirmed by CEO of Arrowhead Game Studios and Helldivers 2 Creative Director Johan Pilestedt via Twitter, nor does the studio see the need to implement the technology. That means you’re going to be reliant on your GPU’s native rendering performance with no AI upscaling to help lighten the load, hence why the RTX 4090 was the perfect choice for our dream Helldivers 2 GPU.

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