Where to buy AM5 motherboards: retailers, prices, info

The info you need to find your Socket AM5 motherboard

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Should you be wondering where to buy AMD’s AM5 motherboards, you’re in the right place. Now that AM5 is almost here, we’ve rounded up all of the information below on where to buy AM5 motherboards.

We’ve also included additional info on AMD’s socket AM5 launch partners and chipsets, alongside links to the key retailers you’ll want to browse.

AM5 Motherboards available at launch (Sep 27)

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Amazon UK motherboards

Socket AM5 signals a big stride forward for AMD. It’s the first time an AMD platform will support DDR5 and PCIe Gen 5. It’s also the first time that AMD will be adopting an LGA (land grid array) socket, of the type previously associated with Intel CPUs.

But with AMD’s new platform, the key thing is knowing where to buy AM5 motherboards, when, and pricing.

AM5 motherboard prices

Motherboard pricing is defined by the chipset used, but also by the partner manufacturing the board. So prices can fluctuate depending on a combination of both, not to mention availability, demand and individual sellers.

Note: While our best guess at pricing for socket AM5 boards is below, prices may well be different, and higher, at launch. As soon as we have a proper view on AM5 motherboard pricing we’ll update this article. Our estimates for pricing are:

  • X670E: $350 – $500
  • X670: $270– $350
  • B650E: $230 – $330
  • B650: $130 – $230

Where to buy AMD AM5 motherboards

If you want more options of where to buy your new AM5 motherboard, we’ve compiled a list of the expected retailers to have stock on launch. We’ll update this list as we get more information.

AM5 X670E expected retailers




AM5 X670 – expected retailers




AM5 B650E – expected retailers




AM5 B650 – expected retailers




Are AM5 motherboards out yet?

AMD’s Socket AM5 motherboards launch from partners today, September 27, and more will be arriving in October.

The X-series AM5 motherboards (X670E and X670) arrive first, alongside the launch of Ryzen 7000 series CPUs. Then, in October, the AM5 B-series boards (B650E and B650) will be released by AMD partners.

How long will AM5 be supported?

At least three years. During the August 29 unveiling of Zen 4 processors and Socket AM5 motherboards, AMD’s David McAfee stated.

“Just like AM4, we’re making a commitment. To support the AM5 platform with new technologies, and next-generation architectures, through at least 2025.”

AM5 release date

After months of speculation, AMD’s socket AM5 motherboards were announced by AMD on Monday, August 29.

The official launch date for socket AM5, and the release of AM5 and Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 CPUs will be September 27.

However, it’s worth noting that while AM5 X-series motherboards will be released in September, the B-series won’t arrive until October.

Still, knowing where to buy AM5 motherboards means getting ready ahead of time. Scroll down if you’re keen to get to our selected retailer links. Otherwise, some additional key info. If you can’t decide between which CPU to get, then our AMD Ryzen 7000 vs Intel Raptor Lake explainer has you covered.