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DirectSR is the solution for integrating NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel upscalers into DirectX games

Last Updated on February 29, 2024
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With GDC fast approaching, more and more developers are announcing what they have in store for the conference. One of the most promising is Microsoft’s DirectSR, an API described as the “missing link” for developers looking to integrate Super Resolution into DirectX games.

The DirectSR was originally spotted as part of the lineup for the DirectX State of the Union this March at GDC, and Microsoft has since cleared up that this API is not a replacement for any upscalers. Rather, it’s a standardized solution that seamlessly integrates upscalers into games.

These latest DirectSR details come from a dev blog on Microsoft, where developers say that having this API will allow for a smooth integration of Super Resolution into any hardware and provide a seamless experience that improves the visuals and resolution for any DirectX game. By using a multi-vendor SR with a common set of outputs and inputs, it allows a single code path to activate tons of upscalers. These include NVIDIA DLSS, AMD FidelityFX, and Intel XeSS. Microsoft’s designed it in tandem with GPU hardware vendors, so the solution is universal to any hardware you could have.

DirectSR public testing to commence soon

The API will soon be available to test out in the Agility SDK as a public preview, so developers will soon be able to test out the API and provide feedback and support for the interface. DirectSR will also get an in-depth preview at the DirectX State of the Union at GDC, allowing developers to see how they can integrate and use the software in their games.

Anything capable of enabling multiple upscalers to work in tandem on DirectX is worth noting as games become more and more graphically demanding. It’s tough to balance out the graphics and performance, and providing a solution from the DirectX team themselves is sure to reach any audience, whether a developer or a gamer who prefers setting their graphics to the max resolution.

As games continue to improve graphics and resolutions, everyone is looking for new ways to make sure their systems can handle the stress of the hardware. From multiple upscalers to CPUs, like the new AMD Zen 5 CPU that could launch at the end of the year, there’s a lot designed to make gaming as smooth and impressive as possible while keeping your system from imploding. DirectSR could be the solution everyone’s been looking for.

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