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Is EA Down? FIFA, Apex Legends, Battlefield outages

EA Servers are struggling on May the 4th
Last Updated on May 4, 2023
EA down - EA logo
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Reports are emerging of EA Games being down in terms of server connectivity, today, May 4th. Previously, issues had appeared on May 3rd at around 6pm EST, with a huge spike of reported outages. This has been followed today with spikes at 5:30 – 6:30 am EST and another even bigger spike of outages at around 9am EST.

EA Games Down? – Reports

The reported issues are affecting EA broadly, with Downdetector showing major outages on the publisher’s network. However, As a result, there have been specific knock-on effects for gamers looking to get online. The instability has clearly caused major issues across game servers: at the time of writing, FIFA and Apex Legends (developed by EA-acquired Bungie), are also reporting huge spikes of outages. Additionally, Battlefield servers appear seriously affected.

The outages have been addressed by the publisher on Twitter (also experiencing outages today), with the following comment.

“Something’s up with our online services, but we’re on it. In the meantime, you might not be able to connect to online modes, buy games, or log in to your account. We’ll get you back in your game as soon as we can.”

While the tweet offers no timeline for a return to normal service, it will of course be a priority for the publisher to get back up and running again. In the meantime, you’re likely to be seeing error messages including the classic EA.com unable to connect. In this instance though, it appears most problems being faced will be server-side. So it’s probably best to sit tight and wait for things to resolve before considering any issues on your end.

Is FIFA down?

It’s likely down for many. FIFA game servers are experiencing a large amount of instability and issues along with overall ‘EA down’ problems. The official EAFIFADIRECT released a statement about the current issue which reads:

“We are investigating reports of some players being unable to connect to EA Servers and will provide an update in this thread when available.”

Hopefully, these issues and all connected outages will resolve in the near future.

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