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More than 50% of Apple Vision Pro-exclusive apps are paid downloads

Spending doesn't stop with the already expensive Apple Vision Pro.
Last Updated on February 12, 2024
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Once unveiled, some within the industry predictably criticized the Apple Vision Pro for its premium price tag. However, the spending seemingly doesn’t stop there because, unlike iOS and iPadOS, over half of Apple Vision Pro-only apps are paid downloads.

That’s according to a detailed insight from Appfigures, which also states that 35% of Vision Pro-exclusive apps “don’t monetize through the app store.” Conversely, the last 13% monetize with subscriptions. Of course, this isn’t exactly a surprise, considering iOS and iPadOS followed a similar strategy early on in their lengthy lives. Nowadays, though, paid apps have become a rarity, making up only 5% of each one’s respective app store.

Freemium dominates non-exclusive apps

On the other hand, apps that are available on iPhone, iPad, and the Vision Pro saw a much more drastic change. While paid apps still made up a significant 17% of the store, non-monetized apps decreased to 28%. ‘Freemium’ apps, however, rose all the way to 58%, taking up a substantial portion of the market. The latter is a trend that will likely continue once the Vision Pro makes its way into more homes, especially since businesses run on pure paid downloads are hardly sustainable.

For now, though, it seems early users of Apple’s 3D spatial computer will have to settle for paid upfront apps. But based on the many critic reviews that have already been released, you may not have to wait for long. Price tag aside, the convenience it offers makes it a must-have for any tech-savvy household. And once more families pick it up, subscription-based apps will likely take over the market while paid downloads dwindle. Until then, check out our page on Apple Vision Pro 2 rumors so you know the latest about this futuristic headpiece’s successor. If you want to get your hands on one yourself, we recommend learning where to buy the Apple Vision Pro.

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