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Spotted iPhone SE 4 cases reveal new designs tweaks

Last Updated on April 1, 2024
Two iPhone SE 4 smartphones stacked in parallel against a blue and purple gradient background, showcasing their design tweaks.
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There are big changes coming for the budget SE line of Apple iPhones. With the iPhone SE 4 on its way, there have been plenty of rumors regarding what tweaks are coming, but cases for the phone surfacing online reveal some major ones. This includes the new design of the phone, and the lack of the home button.

The case for the iPhone SE 4, as leaked by Majin Bu on Twitter, shows off tons of new info about the phone. It appears to have a flat design on the edges, similar to the iPhone 14. If we turn to the back of the case, we can see that a single camera is also housed on it. It will include a flash as well as a microphone on the SE 4 design. The sides reveal that the phone doesn’t appear to have an action button on the side, as was previously believed to be added. It does have a cutout for a mute switch, though.

New design features leaked with photos of an iPhone SE 4 case

We knew Apple was getting rid of the home button on the line of SE iPhones, and it’s being replaced with Face ID. The Face ID will be done with the front-facing camera, housed in a notch at the top of the screen. This notch appears to be slightly smaller than the one on the iPhone 13. The screen itself is expected to measure around 6.1 inches in total.

These are all big design changes for the upcoming phone. However, none is bigger than the swap from Touch ID to Face ID. The screen is also going to be an OLED screen, another update for the budget line.

The iPhone 4 SE still has a while before release, with reports putting a launch in 2025. Since the release is far enough off, it’s possible more design changes are coming that we haven’t seen yet. The SE lineup is getting a lot of upgrades in design. But, whether it can hold its value is yet to be seen.

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