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Looking where to buy the Oculus Quest Pro? We’ve got you covered

After a number of Oculus Quest Pro leaks, it looks like a reveal at Facebook Connect is imminent.
Last Updated on December 1, 2023
where to buy oculus quest pro
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The Facebook Connect event is only a couple of days away, and it looks like an Oculus Quest Pro official announcement is only around the corner too. At 6 PM UK time/10 AM Pacific time on Thursday 28th October, Facebook is tipped to be revealing not only a re-brand but their plans for introducing the metaverse.

It’s a virtual reality interconnected environment for work and play, just imagine a VR version of PlayStation Home. Obviously, Oculus will be playing a big part in Zukkerbergs plan, especially with the Oculus Quest Pro’s controllers and marketing videos leaking days before the event.

Oculus Quest Pro Features

Andrew Bosworth, VR vice President at Facebook has made it clear that only the Oculus Quest 2 exists, ruling out the existence of an Oculus Quest 3. Of course, this could all just be a bold attempt at distracting the masses, so we’ll work with what we have. He did confirm and hint previously at an Oculus Quest Pro model as his development team is constantly coming up with new tech to incorporate into Oculus, so that’s something.

Judging from the leaks, we’ll be getting a much slimmer form factor than Quest 2. It looks like it will also be lighter, taking a goggles approach with no top strap to keep the headset up. It looks like the Oculus controllers will use visual motion tracking instead of the traditional sensor rings, according to this leak. Three tracking cameras will feature in the new controller, with two on the front casing and one facing upwards above the user controls.

According to a recent Oculus patent, the Oculus Quest Pro will also feature full-body tracking, but it’ll need a full-body mirror to do so. This makes complete sense when thinking about how the metaverse will display fully posable user avatars to interact with. Other than that, we are expecting small improvements to performance overall.

Where To Buy The Oculus Quest Pro

Whilst we’re expecting a 2022 release date on the Oculus Quest Pro, Facebook could very well put their latest headset out to market just in time for Christmas 2021. Here are some handy links for when the time comes:

We’ll be covering the Facebook Connect event on Thursday, so make sure to keep your eyes on and bookmark our News and VR hubs.

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