Is My Router Any Good?

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Your router is the main and most important device that controls the overall performance of the internet. Therefore, keeping an eye on its performance is important. Usually, these routers are just a one-time investment and do not need any further evaluations in the future. However, if you are experiencing any issues and wondering whether the router is suitable for further use, the article below can clear your confusion.

How to find out if your router is good or not?

Whether or not your router is suitable for future use depends on a few things. First, finding out about it isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Routers tend to look fine, so we assume it is all good. However, routers can begin to show signs that determine whether they’re good or not for future use.

Generally, most experts suggest changing your router after 2-5 years. Even if the router works fine and shows no physical or technological problems, it can still be suitable for replacement.

So, apart from the main reason, you should change the router after 2-5 years. The other reasons can include losing connection from time to time. When a router starts to lose connection now and then, this can mean the router isn’t fit to carry on with any further and needs replacements.

Moreover, when the router loses its speed and range and doesn’t perform well the way it used to when initially bought, this can mean a need for replacement. Similarly, your router may get hot, especially when using the internet for extended periods.

Routers can get warm when used longer, which is quite normal. However, overheating, especially after a bit of use or with too many devices connected, can mean it can overheat and lose its condition. Therefore, you should look for another device before something serious happens.

Lastly, your router may not be good anymore because it is incompatible with some new devices. As mentioned earlier, router technology keeps evolving as new devices are released. Therefore, you must upgrade your router to gain full compatibility access.


Keeping monitoring your router occasionally can help you avoid many issues. For example, you may be experiencing some issues with your internet connection but may not know the cause of it. So, changing your device every 2-5 years or so is better.

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