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LG OLED G3 vs LG OLED G2 – who comes out on top?

Who stands supreme when its comes to the LG OLED G3 vs LG OLED G2? We'll let you know
Last Updated on January 16, 2024
Two LG OLED TVs on a purple background.
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LG has been busy at this year’s CES conference announcing a whole host of upcoming models. However, this got us thinking about which of the original LG OLED models is better – the LG OLED G3 or the LG OLED G2. It is time to put it to the test and figure out once and for all which model is better value for money. Stay tuned for full specs, performance, and cost breakdown in the battle between the LG OLED G3 vs LG OLED G2.

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LG OLED G3 vs LG OLED G2 specs comparison

Below is the specs comparison table for the LG OLED G3 and LG OLED G2. Let’s dive into some of the major talking points from what we found.

ProcessorAlpha 9 Gen 6
Snapdragon 801
Alpha 9 Gen 5
Snapdragon 800
Refresh rate100/120 Hz100/120 Hz
HDMI VRR40-120 Hz40-120 Hz
FreeSync / G-SyncYesYes
VP9 decodingVP9-2VP9-2
Specifications comparison table between the LG OLED G3 and LG OLED G2


The Alpha 9 Gen 6 processor, which powers the LG OLED G3, is a major improvement over the Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor in the G2. The enhanced image processing capabilities promised by this processor improvement should make watching content on the G3 smoother and more responsive. Regarding features, the LG OLED G3 improves viewing by introducing the Brightness Booster Max and Zero Gap Design. However, the LG OLED G2 continues to excel thanks to OLED Evo and features like Game Optimizer and Brightness Booster Max.


Both models’ refresh rates are similar in that they provide a smooth 100/120 Hz. Moreover, they are appropriate for serious gamers because of the HDMI Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) support, which spans 40–120 Hz. This guarantees a tear-free gaming experience. Both models are enhanced by their compatibility with FreeSync and G-Sync, which benefits gamers who prioritize gaming performance. Similarly, both support VP9-2 video decoding, guaranteeing compatibility with premium streaming content.

LG OLED G3 vs LG OLED G2 performance comparison

Moving beyond specifications, differentiators emerge in the performance department of these two models.

Despite the OLED Evo technology being found in both models, the LG OLED G3 takes it further by incorporating a Brightness Booster Max. This feature becomes particularly relevant in larger screen sizes (55-77″), promising heightened brightness and vibrancy in the visual output. Adding to the level of immersion for gamers and those watching films or TV. In a similar vein, whilst gaming enthusiasts will appreciate the Game Optimizer in both models, the improvements in the Alpha 9 Gen 6 processor in the LG OLED G3 contribute to faster response times and more fluid graphics. These two added features provide a solid footing for the OLED G3 and make it a bankable option for specs and performance over the G2.

LG OLED G3 vs LG OLED G2 cost and value comparison

The price range between the two models sits between $100-200 depending on the size of the model you are after. For instance, the 55″LG OLED G3 is priced at $2,299.99, while the G2 offers a slightly more economical option at $2,199.99. Similarly, in the 65″ range, the LG OLED G3 comes with a price tag of $3,299.99, while the G2 is marginally cheaper at $3,199.99. The G2 certainly presents an enticing option for users with a budget constraint, offering a comparable screen size at a slightly lower price. Moreover, the LG OLED G2 also offers a 97″ option, which is not available in the G3 series, though the price of this 97″ TV is a staggering $24,999.99.

The value proposition of the LG OLED G3 lies in its cutting-edge technology, offering a more advanced and immersive viewing experience. The Alpha 9 Gen 6 processor, coupled with the Brightness Booster Max, potentially justifies the higher cost for users seeking the best in terms of performance and visual quality. The choice here is ultimately down to the personal preference.


Can’t put a price on it

As we know, it is very difficult to accurately correlate cost to performance. Does the LG G3 OLED’s improved features justify a higher price point? Ultimately, it is down to what the consumer values the most out of the product and if the performance improvements justify the additional cost.

Final thoughts

There is no doubt that the LG OLED G3 offers better value against its pricing. The better processor, technical advancements, and improved display ensure enhanced experiences for gamers and general viewers. However, choosing between the LG OLED G3 and G2 boils down to individual priorities, usage patterns, and budget considerations. If you’re an enthusiast seeking the pinnacle of technology and are willing to invest for the best performance, the LG OLED G3 stands out with its advanced features. However, for those content with solid specs but looking for a more economical option, the LG OLED G2 still delivers an exceptional viewing experience.

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