Is AutoGPT legit?

Unveiling the truth about AutoGPT

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Those hoping to use this new autonomous AI model, may be wondering: Is AutoGPT legit?

Well, the online buzz suggests that AutoGPT is legit, with numerous users attesting to its power. They claim that this advanced tool can effortlessly fulfil any request simply by self-prompting.

AutoGPT does have a few flaws that may disappoint those hoping to use the model. According to Reddit users, AutoGPT can sometimes ‘forget’ the main goal of its initial prompt, resulting in outputs that are not strictly relevant to the task. Moreover, it is also seen to struggle when asked to interact with ‘real world’ websites and information.

Don’t be fooled though, AutoGPT has very advanced capabilities and can do some tasks very well. For example, it is great when it comes to developing and checking code. 

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Is AutoGPT useful?

AutoGPT would be useful for anyone who is looking for an AI agent that can automate any natural language processing tasks. What makes AutoGPT great is that it doesn’t require detailed instructions to be able to complete a project – the AI will use its own understanding to develop its own prompts.

Many are known to use AutoGPT as a personal assistant. For example. you can use it to complete complex tasks such as generating code to develop a website, producing creative writing and conducting research.

How expensive is it to use AutoGPT?

Anyone considering using this AI tool may have concerns about how much it actually costs to run. For starters, since it is an open-source application you can access AutoGPT’s source code for free from its dedicated GitHub page. 

Unfortunately, the agent is not like ChatGPT and you can’t simply interact with the application online. Instead, you’ll need to have access to an OpenAI API key to connect the source code to the GPT-4 model. If you don’t have this, simply create an OpenAI account on their website. 

The tokens used to submit prompts and generate results are what actually costs money. These typically start between $0.03 – $0.06 for every 1,000 tokens. For a bit of reference, users can typically spend up to $5 playing around with the tool making it relatively inexpensive depending on what you’re using it for.