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Canva Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Some help to get you started with the graphic design appw
Last Updated on July 3, 2023
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Welcome to our Canva tips and tricks for beginners guide.

If you are a rookie at designing, Canva can be your best companion. Canva has a user-friendly interface with tons of features that are easy to understand and use. Whether it is about creating presentations, social media posts, banners, watermarks, posters, cool fonts or other visual content, using Canva can help you with all sorts of things. These vary between the free version of Canva and Canva Pro.

Even though it makes graphic designing easier, there are still many tips and tricks that most beginners aren’t aware of. These tips and tricks can make things even easier than before. Sound good? Read on for some of the best Canva hacks.

Canva Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Instant designing

This trick is available with the Canva Pro version, but it can be very helpful to learn, especially if you are a beginner. It allows you to add animations instantly to your presentations, medial social posts, or any other uploads you have made. It will add a more stunning visual impression and looks to your content. Click on the animation option and download it to create a GIF or a video format. These are great for blog posts or social media platform posts. 

Instantly remove your image background

Most beginners use different online web browser tools or software to remove a background from their image. However, the same is now possible with Canva. However, to do that, you must have the Canva Pro version.

With Canva Pro, you can instantly and easily remove an image’s background with just a single click. Select the image and click on the “Background Remover” option, and it will remove the background in the blink of an eye. This is one of the most liked and appraised features you must have as a beginner, as it helps you edit specific layers. 

Filtering the elements by colors

Canva has a wide range of elements available. It allows you to filter the element searches by a certain color or color palette. Search for the element color phrase in the search bar and click on your desired filter icon. Next, select the filter color of your choice, and it will update the color reflection in your preference results.

For instance, if you need a red smiley face in your content, enter smile in the search bar text box and then select a blue color to have a blue smiley face.

Design border ruler

One of the best and less-known tricks of Canva is using a ruler on the borders of your Canva design. You can use a ruler during your Canva designs which you can see on the left side and above the content. These rulers can help you set custom margins and line up things for more accurate results. 

However, the ruler option isn’t there by default. You still need to activate it manually, which is very easy. Just click on the “File” button option and select the “Show Rulers” option from the drop-down menu, and that’s it.

Another cool and useful trick that Canva users can apply is hyperlinked. You can also use clickable links in the images, texts, or any other content type if you save it in PDF form. Follow the below easy steps to add hyperlinks:

  • Open or create your Canva design
  • Select the element you wish to add the hyperlink to
  • Next, click the chain icon or the Link button in the above editor toolbar.
  • Now enter the website link you wish to hyperlink
  • Click “Apply,” and it’s all done

Hyperlinks will remain clickable when you publish your design and present it in a PDF form.

Glowing outline effects

While creating a graphic design, you can add an underscore or flair to make it look like a standalone image. It will help your image convey a certain tone how you want it to be. It is very simple and only requires a few steps to make it happen. You can also employ a similar effect for a shadow effect, or a transparency effect.


Does Canva have a weakness?

Yes, Canva, despite being a very popular tool among designers, still has a weakness. This includes the limitations of stock and templates, especially in the free versions. That is why it isn’t easy to use for free users.

Gloria’s Thoughts

Canva can become more productive if you familiarize yourself with extra tips and tricks. Above, we have listed a few constructive tips or tricks most suitable for beginners to make things even easier. However, many others are available on the Canva website that you may find even more useful. Search and learn them with practice to make things even more exciting and helpful to start your Canva journey. You’ll be making Instagram posts, YouTube thumbnails, graphics for blogs and much more before long.

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