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Chat GPT vs Chinchilla AI

The battle of the AI models
Last Updated on January 26, 2023
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As AI language models gain more and more popularity with the public, a common question arises: How does Chat GPT compare to Chinchilla AI?

For those who aren’t familiar, Chat GPT is a wildly popular artificial intelligence, language model. Since its release to the public back in November 2022, the AI chatbot has taken the world by storm. It even reached a whopping one million users in its first week!

The chatbot is incredibly advanced and was built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3 model. Many users have been testing the limits of what it can do and have been impressed with its performance. Most notably, you can find videos online where Chat GPT is put up against a Google coding test and passes, it can also write perfectly coherent essays and even code websites.

On the other hand, we have Chinchilla AI. Developed by Google’s AI firm (DeepMind), the AI model is found to run in a similar manner to other NLP models, such as GPT-3 and Gopher. However, it is currently unavailable to the public, as developers are still putting the model through testing.

Interestingly, in DeepMind’s research paper, Chinchilla AI manages to outperform its rivals GPT-3 and Gopher, using far fewer parameters and a similar computing budget.

Chat GPT vs Chinchilla AI: Reasoning

An article by Matthew McAteer put GPT-3 and Chinchilla head to head, to test both models’ reasoning abilities.

It all started off with a tweet from a research scientist at DeepMind. The tweet revealed a conversation with Chinchilla AI showing how the model could find similarities between two different concepts when asked by the user.

And the findings were pretty astonishing. Chinchilla AI gave correct answers every time although it did lack that chatty feel you get with Chat GPT. To demonstrate how GPT-3 would perform in this area, McAteer asked the AI model the same set of questions.

Again, the AI bot managed to pass the test. What’s interesting about the results is the variations in the responses generated when these models are given the same task.

Chinchilla AI stands out in this case. The model is much smaller than other language models out at the moment but can still achieve the same level of reasoning.

Chat GPT vs Chinchilla AI: Summary

To make our lives easier, we have summarised the main key features and facts about these two language models below.

Chat GPTChinchilla AI
Release DateNovember 2022March 2022
Main FeaturesOpen-source conversational AI chatbot
Built on OpenAI’s GPT-3
Made with 70 billion parameters
4x more data than Gopher
AccessibilityFree to the public
$42 monthly professional subscription
Currently unavailable to the public
UsesGenerate reports
Marketing material
Customer support
Language translation
Virtual assistants
Virtual assistants
Predictive models
Creating video game characters
Improve digital products

From what it seems, both Chat GPT and Chinchilla AI are similar in many ways. Both models have the ability to assist with customer service functions and generate creative content.

Something that is notable about these two models is their accessibility. Only Chat GPT is open to the public.

We are still waiting for an update from DeepMind about when we could expect to use Chinchilla AI. But until then, we will have to be patient.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to which AI model is superior, the answer really boils down to your needs. Chinchilla AI has already shown to be pretty impressive and the claims that the model can outperform GPT-3 and Gopher is nothing to ignore.

Although, Chat GPT is the only one out of the two models which is available to the public right now. Considering this AI chatbot is also free, it is clear that you’re most likely leaning towards OpenAI’s model – for now anyway.

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