Discord down? Status checker and latest info

Reports of outages mean there may be issues

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Is Discord down? If you’re here it seems most likely that it’s down for many users, so let’s get into what’s going on. On Friday, September 29, Discord outages seem to have affected a large proportion of users – highlighted by increased searches for “Discord down” and a flood of social media posts about issues with the service.

According to the trusted outage status checker downdetector, a sharp spike of reported issues emerged at 5:35 AM ET. This resulted in users being unable to send or respond to messages, access servers, and wonder if they had been blocked by contacts on Discord. Reported incidents were up to 5,000+ which is a huge leap from the regular baseline of incidents for Discord of 3.

At the time of writing the most reported issues were getting server connection (63%), app access (31%) and website access (6%). Discord has been having some smaller troubles this week so far, and it’s not clear why. But yes, so far today it appears Discord is struggling.

Why is Discord down?

It’s tricky to know. It could be a server load issue or a malfunction. But as of the time of writing this article, Discord’s own server status page shows no issues apart from a slight increase in API response time. Incident reporting may be delayed on that page, or it may be using different parameters to judge issues.

What we do know is that people are struggling to connect to Discord, and it’s not obvious why. On September 27, the official discord account on X (formerly Twitter), posted:

“Our team is currently investigating the connection issues some of our users are experiencing. You can check our status page here for updates”.

Whether the current issue is a return of the same problem or something new is currently unknown.

How can I connect to Discord?

The simple answer is that you may not be able to for now. Although frustrating for anyone using the app to chat, share info, or catch up on updates in communities, it may be best to wait it out.

If you’re concerned about your own connection, check that your Internet or WiFi signal is strong and reliable. you can also clear the cache on your browser for a ‘cleaner’ connection free of cookies and historical data. However, if Discord issues are widespread, it’s likely not just you.

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