How to send video messages on WhatsApp — our step-by-step guide

Here's how to quickly record and send video messages on WhatsApp!

How to send video messages on WhatsApp: A step-by-step guide.

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If you’ve ever used the popular chat and call app, you might be keen to know how to send video messages on WhatsApp. Well, good news – we’ve got all the answers for you here in this article. 

Specialized Whatsapp video messages, in the style of voice notes, are relatively new. These short videos are sent and delivered in real-time. This offers authenticity and a more immediate reaction compared to prerecorded, long videos fetched from storage. However, a lot of people don’t exactly know how to send video messages, as there isn’t a direct record button.

This is where we come in. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how you can send video messages on WhatsApp quickly.

How to record video messages on WhatsApp

Here’s how you can send and record a video message on WhatsApp.



Make sure WhatsApp is fully updated

First things first, make sure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your device, as the video message feature isn’t available on older versions.

Regularly updating WhatsApp guarantees you access to the latest features and security improvements.



Open a chat

Launch WhatsApp and open the chat window of the person or group you want to send the video message to.

You can start a new chat by tapping on the chat icon, usually located in the bottom-right corner of the screen.



Press and hold down the video message icon

Once you have opened a WhatsApp chat, look down at the chat bar, where there should be a video camera icon.

Screenshot of a messaging app displaying text conversations, voice messages, a missed voice call notification, and how to send video messages on WhatsApp.

Press and hold it to start recording the video message. You can record a message of up to 60 seconds. On top of that, you can switch between the front and back camera during the recording.

How to send video messages on WhatsApp with the record button activated.



Release and send

When you are ready to send the video clip, stop holding down the camera button.

Just like a voice message, the video will probably send straight away without the chance to edit.

A screenshot of a smartphone messaging app displaying a missed voice call, a completed voice call duration, and a partially typed message on how to send video messages on WhatsApp.

Why can’t I send a video message on WhatsApp?

You may not be able to send a video message on WhatsApp due to an older version of the app. But if you’re using the latest version, the feature may not working due to a temporary bug or glitch. In such a case, restart your device or try reinstalling WhatsApp.


The video message feature is hugely exciting, bringing a new, more authentic way to share moments with your contacts. Like voice notes, it’s a quick and easy way of communicating a message and emotions simultaneously or showing the recipient an important event. Now that you know how to send video messages on WhatsApp, you can start making your conversations a little more exciting.

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