XAI live stream – how to listen, and what we know

The stream is a chance to find out more about the new arrival

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On Wednesday 12th July, XAI, the new AI company founded by Elon Musk was officially announced. The company arrives to both challenge the likes of OpenAI, and also to “understand the universe”. As part of its launch, there will be a XAI live stream, and in this piece, we’ll cover all we know about it.

XAI live stream – how to listen

All the information we have tells us that the live stream will take place on Friday, July 14th, allowing members of the public to ask questions and ‘meet’ the team with a view to asking questions. The stream will take place on Twitter Spaces, which makes sense given that XAI director Musk is the social platform’s owner.

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As the stream will be on Twitter Spaces, you will need to go to XAI’s Twitter account to find the Space. You do not need a Twitter account to listen to Twitter Spaces audio, but you do need to be logged in to comment on the space. The details on the XAI website do not specify a time for the Twitter Space, only a date. So you may need to keep an eye on the XAI Twitter account for updates.

XAI live stream – what we know

Apart from the above information, it’s hard to know anything about the XAI live stream. We do know that the conversation will allow interested users to ‘meet’ some of the 12-strong team that includes Elon Musk. There may even be extra information provided about individual team members’ areas of focus.

The key thing we, and likely you, would want to know is more about XAI itself. What are the primary projects that are going to be worked on, and how will the company attempt to uncover “the true nature of the universe” through AI? XAI is also targeting OpenAI in terms of competitiveness, so that would indicate a product or service that may be hinted at. However, as the XAI website is low on information, we’ll have to tune in to find out more.

Can you watch the XAI livestream?

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to watch the XAI livestream since Twitter Spaces is an audio-focused platform. However, Twitter has been testing its video capabilities and so a video feed is not out of the question. And, given that it’s a Musk-directed company using Spaces on a Musk-owned platform we may see a new approach to Spaces too. However, like much about XAI at the moment, we cannot know. So we’ll have to wait and see…or hear.