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Can the RTX 2080 Ti run Starfield? All you need to know

Can the RTX 2080 Ti run Starfield? Find out here
Last Updated on August 31, 2023
Can the RTX 2080 Ti run Starfield? All you need to know. Image shows the text "Can the RTX 2080 Ti run Starfield? All you need to know" next to an RTX 2080 Ti GPU and the Starfield boc, on a purple blue gradient background.
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The launch of Starfield is just around the corner, so double-check that your gaming rig is ready by finding out if the RTX 2080 Ti can run Starfield.

Starfield’s highly anticipated release will be the first title brought out by Bethesda Studios in over 25 years. The immersive world-building of Skyrim has left big shoes to fill, and there is a lot of hype surrounding the intergalactic universes of Starfield. With both exploring and space combat on the cards, the last thing that players want is stuttering and lagging. So, is your RTX 2080 Ti ready to launch Starfield? Keep reading to find out.

Will an RTX 2080 Ti run Starfield? Yes, it will

Now that we’ve got Bethesda’s official Starfield system requirements, we can confirm that the RTX 2080 Ti can run Starfield.

Overall, Starfield’s minimum system requirements aren’t too GPU intensive, and the recommended spec comes complete with an NVIDIA RTX 2080 as standard. Since that’s the FE base version of RTX 2080 Ti, you’ll have no problems running the game on this Ti card. Additionally, given that the RTX 2080 is an 8GB graphics card, it suggests that 8GB GPUs will be able to run Starfield without any significant issues, such as the Radeon RX 6600.

Is the RTX 2080 Ti good for gaming?

Despite being a few years old, the 2080 Ti is still a decent GPU for gaming. The RTX 20-series cards are capable of supporting ray tracing and DLSS, meaning you can expect realistic graphics with smooth performance. Additionally, the 2080 Ti is specifically targeted towards high-end CPU configurations, and can deliver 4K videos at a high frame rate.

Final thoughts

So there you have it – you don’t need to worry about your 2080 Ti not being able to run Starfield. Given the card’s specs, you should be able to experience the epic visuals of this intergalactic adventure with top-end fps and ray tracing. If you’re looking to fully optimize your gaming rig in preparation for the launch of this game, why not check out our picks of the best 2080 Ti graphics cards? For those on a lower budget looking for a GPU upgrade for Starfield, check out our picks of the best budget gaming GPU.

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