RTX 4070 size rumors – how big will the card be?

How big is big for the 4070?

RTX 4070 size - 40-series card fan

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Given the giant proportions of the RTX 4090, it’s understandable that scale is a concern across the RTX-40 series range. Naturally, the RTX 4070 will be less powerful than its stronger siblings, but what is the RTX 4070 size? How big will this junior member of the family be, and what does that mean for you and your system?

RTX 4070 size and dimension thoughts

Do we know how big the card is? Sort of, but not officially. The card is expected to be a two-slot design, and a report by Techpowerup suggests that the RTX 4070 dimensions could be 336 x 140 x 61mm.

For comparison, we previously reported that RTX 4070 Ti dimensions were around 285 x 112 x 42 mm. However, this was on the lower end of the scale, given board partner cards vary in size. In fact, our friends over at WePC clarified this by comparing 4070 Ti card sizes. These included cards from Asus (x2), AX, Gigabyte, and Inno3D. None were the same size, with length varying by up to 40mm (around 1.5 inches) in length, 33m (1.3 inches) in width, and 23mm (0.9 inches) in thickness.

The largest of these was the Asus ROG Strix at 336 x 150 x 63 mm. Meanwhile, the Asus TUF was 305 x 138 x 65mm. But these are 4070 Ti cards; it seems ridiculous to suggest the RTX 4070 size will be any bigger.

That’s probably true, but it’s safe to use those Strix dimensions as the largest possible size of any RTX 4070 card. After all, they fall roughly in the ballpark of Techpowerup’s reported dimensions too. That means you can likely expect a card of less than 336 x 150 x 63 mm (13.2 x 5.9 x 2.5 inches) when the RTX 4070 is released. Although they’ll probably be closer to the TUF size of 305 x 138 x 65mm (12 x 5.4 x 2.5 inches).

RTX 4070 size thoughts – 40-series size comparison

RTX 40-series cardDimensions
RTX 4090 – Founder’s Edition336 x 140 x 61mm
RTX 4080 – Founder’s Edition304 x 137 x 61mm
RTX 4070 Ti – ASUS TUF305 x 138 x 65mm
RTX 4070 (partner boards)305 x 138 x 65mm (max estimated)

RTX 4070 size – considerations

What does this mean for a build? Well, you probably won’t have the issues that you would be facing with larger members of the RTX-40 series family provided by board partners. So don’t be overly concerned if this is your first foray into next-gen graphics, an ATX mid or full-tower case should suit, just measure and measure again to ensure that you’ll have the space and airflow you want.

Additionally don’t ignore the fact that the RTX 4070 will be a dual-slot design. It’s not uncommon with the current generation of graphics cards, but it’s worth remembering in terms of potential expansion needs down the line. Just wait for confirmation of dimensions if you want to be sure – we’re working with estimations at the moment.

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