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RTX 4070 Super release date, specs, and price

Everything you need to know about the RTX 4070 Super
Last Updated on February 20, 2024
Nvidia RTX 4070 Super release date, specs, and price. IMAge shows the Nvidia logo on a blue background below the PC guide logo
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The RTX 4070 Super was released on January 17, 2024, and it’s the first of the Super family to debut with the other offerings following later in the month. With all three cards now released, we recommend checking out our full RTX 4070 Super review to see if the card is right for you. Below you’ll find some helpful buying links to different versions of the GPU if you’re considering an upgrade.

RTX 4070 Super release date

The RTX 4070 Super made a significant splash in the mid-range GPU market and became available for purchase on January 17, 2024. This launch timeline places the ‘smallest’ Super as the first among the new SKUs in the Super series to hit the shelves, marking a key moment for Nvidia this year – it was followed by the RTX 4070 Ti Super and RTX 4080 Super

This release date was particularly advantageous for a broad spectrum of users, including gamers, content creators, and those looking for solid performance in a mid-range GPU. The timing of the release, shortly after the holiday season, meant that Nvidia targeted consumers who are ready to upgrade their systems with the latest technology.

The arrival also positions the 4070 Super as a prime candidate for those looking to invest in a significant performance upgrade, but not wanting to spend anywhere near $1,000 on a new component. Its availability right at the start of the year provides a great opportunity for users who have been saving up over the holiday season for new arrivals emanating from CES.

RTX 4070 Super specs

The new part will feature a 192-bit memory bus, enhancing its memory bandwidth and overall performance. This would make the Super variant a more powerful option in Nvidia’s mid-range lineup. It is also set to make a significant increase from the 5888 cores in the RTX 4070, with an impressive 7168 CUDA cores. This increase of approximately 21.7% in CUDA should translate to better performance in gaming and other graphics-intensive tasks. The RTX 4070 Super has a TDP of 220, this increase in power consumption indicates that the RTX 4070 Super will likely offer higher performance, albeit at the cost of higher energy usage.

SpecsRTX 4070 SuperRTX 4070
CUDA Cores71685888
Memory12 GB G6X12 GB G6X
TDP220 W200 W
MSRP$599599 USD
RTX 4070 Super vs RTX 4070 comparison

RTX 4070 Super price

Getting the right price point for the RTX 4070 Super is a strategic challenge for Nvidia, as it needs to carefully position this GPU in the competitive mid-range market. The pricing not only has to justify the performance upgrade over the RTX 4070 but also needs to maintain a clear distinction from the higher-tier RTX 4070 Ti.

The 4070 Super is to be priced at $599, therefore costing the same as the RTX 4070 MSRP (at launch) – considering its enhanced specs and performance capabilities this seems to be an extremely reasonable price. The pricing of the card at $599 is indicative of Nvidia’s strategy to capture a broader segment of the market.


With a surprisingly low price and an impressive lineup of specs, the new arrival is set to be a popular purchase within Nvidia’s RTX 40 Super series this year. By offering a mid-range GPU that balances cost with enhanced performance, Nvidia aims to appeal to a wide range of users, from serious gamers to content creators, who are seeking substantial GPU power without venturing into the high-end price territory.

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