Is the Meta Quest 3 worth waiting for?

Is Meta's latest VR headset worth waiting for?

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Quoted by Meta as its “most powerful headset yet”, is the Meta Quest 3 worth waiting for? Following the success of the Quest 2 and the high-end Quest Pro headsets, the Quest 3 certainly has big boots to fill. Looking ahead to the official launch of the next headset in Meta’s Quest lineup, it’s worth considering if its new features and price tag make it a product worth waiting for. While keeping the classic ski goggles look, the Quest 3 is shaping up to be quite different from its predecessors. This article will take a look at its features and pricing, helping you decide if you should hold out on upgrading to a Quest 2 or a Pro before the third model’s release.

The Quest 3’s new features in a nutshell

Overall, Meta’s Quest 3 headset is getting a handful of design upgrades and new features that make it strong competition in the VR market, with improved processing and visual performance.

On paper, the Quest 3 significantly outperforms its forerunner. Firstly, the use of a Snapdragon chipset built in association with Qualcomm Technologies sees the graphics performance and processing power of the Quest 3 double that of the older Quest model, with a 120Hz refresh rate becoming the new default. The device is getting depth sensing and improved TruTouch haptics, with the controller’s outer tracking rings getting the chop in favor of a more streamlined design to match the 40% slimmer device.

In terms of its visual aspects, we’re seeing the addition of pancake optic lenses and dual 4MP RGB color cameras, alongside full-color Passthrough to further blend virtual and physical reality for new and immersive MR (mixed reality) experiences. When weighed up against the Quest Pro, it seems that the Quest 3 is bringing the capabilities of the Pro at a more approachable price point, and unlike the former, it offers a 128GB storage variant as well as a 256GB model. However, as in its name, the Pro headset was intended to be used by Pro customers, with its Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ chipset promising excellent performance and impeccable graphics. To get a more in-depth rundown of the Quest 3 compared to the other Meta Quest headsets, you can read here about the Quest 2 vs the Quest 3, as well as the Quest Pro vs the newer Quest 3.

Quest 3 pricing – is it good value?

With the initial pricing of the 128GB model being priced at $499, it stands as $200 more expensive than the launch price of the Quest 2. It’s quite a high entry price for a VR headset, but is significantly cheaper than the Quest Pro while incorporating some of its most appealing features, such as the Snapdragon chipset.

The timing of the reveal and release of its new headset might point towards Meta using the anticipated launch of the Apple Vision Pro to trigger an avalanche of interest in mixed reality. At a fraction of the price of the Vision Pro, the Meta Quest 3 might come forward as an approachable device for people’s first entries into VR lifestyle and gaming. However, $500 is still a lot to spend on a device you’ve never used before.

Final thoughts – is the Meta Quest 3 worth waiting for?

Deciding whether or not to wait it out for the Meta Quest 3 is ultimately up to personal preference. If you’re considering upgrading your VR setup, waiting for the arrival of the Quest 3 makes sense. While a little more expensive, you get an undeniable performance upgrade. Make sure to check out the Meta Quest 3 release date prediction, specs rumors, price speculation 

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