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AI Chat Open Assistant Chatbot – It’s not OpenAI’s ChatGPT

Just another ChatGPT clone?

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on October 12, 2023
A text-based AI chatbot app with an open and assistant-like conversational interface.
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It’s hard to blame to relentless wave of ChatGPT copycat apps that have followed in the wake of its November 30th, 2022 release. While brutally dismissive, it’s undeniable that many such near-identical apps pop up each week, attempting to siphon the traffic directed at the worlds favorite AI chatbot. Often they do this by mirroring the colour scheme, layout, and most importantly the OpenAI name itself. Could this be one such case? Let’s take a look at AI Chat Open Assistant Chatbot.

What is AI Chat Open Assistant Chatbot?

This AI personal assistant fancies itself the “most advanced AI” with the ability to grade essays, summarize text, help with your homework and more! If those abilities sound familiar, they are. You’ll find that from any LLM (large language model), the entire point of which is natural language processing (NLP). In other words, it can take a text prompt in natural human language, and respond in kind.

With the advanced ChatGPT API, enjoy a personalized and conversational experience with your Chatbot AI personal assistant. The intuitive and user-friendly interface of ChatGPT API makes it easy to interact with and get informative responses to your questions.

Smart Widget Labs Co Ltd, Google Play Store
ChatGPT vs AI Chat logo comparison.
ChatGPT logo compared to AI Chat logo, which Google Lens mistook for ChatGPT.

Is AI Chat Open Assistant Chatbot safe?

The app developer interestingly does have some credibility. Having created what appear to be well-polished — or at least neatly designed — apps for HP (Hewlett Packard) and Phillips Hue products, we’d be tempted to say that the app is safe. However, a history of 1 and 2 star reviews on their apps which consistently cite that “everything you click on is an ad” does reek of ad revenue desperation, and no long-term desire to keep users around.

A review on Smart Widget Labs Co Ltd worst rated app - "Hue Light App Remote Control"
A review on Smart Widget Labs Co Ltd worst rated app – “Hue Light App Remote Control”.

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Is AI Chat Open Assistant Chatbot made by OpenAI?

No, it’s not an official OpenAI app. Instead, it’s published by Smart Widget Labs Co Ltd.

What’s important to understand here is that any third-party developer can ‘hire’ the GPT-4 LLM (large language model) which is made by OpenAI. This means that anyone with a little software development know-how can replicate ChatGPT, by ‘putting GPT-4’ into a chatbot interface modelled after the original. At that point, the copycat app can be both visually and functionally identical to ChatGPT (despite not being ChatGPT).

The intended purpose of the OpenAI API is AI integration into third-party apps, to enhance any number of things a third-party developer might come up with. However, that thing could just be another chatbot (the same way that ChatGPT uses GPT-4). Still, that’s no problem for OpenAI, which rakes in a usage-based fee, being the developer of the LLM. Therefore, the more users an app has, the more they pay OpenAI.

Why don’t third-party developers make their own large language models?

It is very very expensive to do so.

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