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Best AI resume builders in 2024 – our top picks

The best AI-powered software to help you get hired
Last Updated on February 7, 2024
Best resume AI builder.
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If you’re looking for the best AI resume builders, we’ve got you covered right here.

AI resume builders are software tools that use artificial intelligence to create a resume on your behalf. This includes writing text, and in many cases formatting that text, automating the design, and error-checking your entire document. These advanced features allow job seekers to feel confident in their application process, safely assured that they haven’t missed any key elements that could get them hired.

Depending on the AI tool you pick, it may also write your cover letter, summarize your existing documents, and draw insights from your LinkedIn profile. These features may be worth the cost of a premium subscription if you’re looking for a highly specific job role, or if you’re simply short on time.

We’ve selected what we think are some of the best AI resume builders around, so whether you want something loaded with features, or simply want to use it for some ideas on how to write your own CV, we’ll have something for you right here.

What are the best AI resume builders in 2024?

  1. Resume.io
  2. Resumaker
  3. Kickresume
  4. Rezi
  5. Skillroads

The best AI resume builder – Resume.io

Resume.io AI-powered resume builder software

We chose Resume.io as our overall best pick for an all-rounder AI-powered resume builder. It earns this title thanks to a comprehensive set of tools for both your resume and your cover letter creation workflow. Not only will it guide you as you build and write your document with pre-written phrases that check off ATS requirements, but the built-in spell checker will ensure you sound professional and ready for hire.

It does all this completely within your web browser and will allow you to export in Word or PDF format. These multi-format document export options give you flexibility when using a firm’s proprietary hiring platform, which may only accept one format or the other. You can also summarize existing resumes and cover letters with NLP (natural language processing) technology, which understands how a professional human would write. In this way, you can avoid the writer’s block that applicants often get when trying to describe themselves effectively.

Resume.io pros

  • Excellent quality of writing
  • A high degree of customization
  • One of the most user-friendly interfaces on the market
  • Customizable templates
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Easily download in Microsoft Word or PDF format
  • Instant language translation


  • The most expensive option on this list
  • The free plan is more limited than the free trial

Who should buy Resume.io?

Resume.io is ideal for job seekers looking for control over their document layout and design. Those with specific job roles that require non-standard formatting should consider this option.


Find the full list of features included in each pricing plan here.

  • Free
  • 7-day Trial (£1.95)
  • 6 months (£34.95)
  • 12 months (£59.95)

Best free AI resume builder – Skillroads

Skillroads smart resume review

Skillroads is the best AI resume builder that has a free plan. With the best free resume builder, you can accelerate your employment process with AI technology that writes and evaluates your resume for you. The software will guide which keywords you need to attract the attention of a hiring manager, with real-time suggestions as you type, much like the spell checker you’ll find in most word processing software. Then you can download your first resume for free. There will be a watermark, but you’ll find that’s the case with any other free option or free trial.

After using the Ai resume generator, you’ll want to proofread with the help of ‘Smart Resume Review’. This tool guides you through 21 common problems across 7 categories, identifying your mistakes with precision before the hiring manager does the same. Similarly to our other suggestions, you’ll also find a cover letter generator included. One of the more notable features though, is the ‘Top Jobs’ page, which is laid out exactly like a job board service. Here, you can search for the exact job title you want, get specific about your ideal job description and employer, and have Skillroads adapt your application documents to fit your goals.

Skillroads pros

  • Unlike most AI-powered resume builders, this one is free by default
  • Generates your custom resume based on a simple questionnaire, which many job seekers will find takes their biggest hassle out of the equation
  • The premium plan gets your resume looked at and even rewritten by professional CV writers


  • It includes a watermark on resumes generated with the free plan (All free resume builders will)
  • Limited customization
  • A small selection of resume templates

Who should buy Skillroads?

Skillroads is ideal for entry-level positions, and students without a lot of spare cash. Make no mistake, it’s very good at what it does, but if the free plan is what grabs your attention then the limited feature set you’ll find here is at least less limited than the free plan of the alternatives.


  • Free (1 watermarked resume)
  • $9.99 (Unlimited resumes without watermark)

Best AI resume builder for speed – Resumaker

Best AI resume builder for speed

Resumaker is one of the simplest options, featuring a clean and well-polished UI that gets to the point. With a limited feature set, you won’t get distracted by adding unnecessary elements to what should be a simple document. This makes your job application process faster than ever, allowing you to focus on what’s going to get you hired.

With both resume templates and cover letter templates, Resumaker handles both of the documents that form your first impression with the recruiter. This comprehensive approach takes a lot of the guesswork out of the process for applicants who are unsure of the differences between the two. Their website even provides helpful tutorials and examples of effective resume writing, document formatting, using references, and applying internationally. This brings peace of mind to job seekers, embuing them with the confidence to proofread their AI-generated resume.

Resumaker pros

  • Clean and simple user interface
  • Skills Suggestion Tool for adding functional skills
  • Provides real-time interactive assistance when editing your resume
  • A wide range of templates


  • No free plan. However, $0.99 for the 7-day trial is pretty reasonable.
  • Will only generate 5 sentences for resume summary, and 10 for work experience

Who should buy Resumaker?

Resumaker is ideal for those with common job descriptions. This option will streamline your application process with standardized templates and formatting, without bloated customization tools.


  • Standard ($0.99 7-day trial)
  • Professional ($23.75/3 months)
  • Expert ($45.75/6 months)

Best AI resume builder for tools and features – Kickresume

Best AI resume builder for tools and features

Your resume is one of the most customized documents you’ll ever write (or in this case have AI write for you). The tools and features provided by Kickresume allow you total control over the content and style of your resume, without the hassle of writing it yourself. Simply provide your name, job title, skills, qualifications, and achievements and this software will add the relevant keywords that hiring managers or recruiters will look for in your job description.

What stands out is the AI model that Kickresume uses to write your resume. Powered by GPT-4, you’ll be armed with the most powerful and most up-to-date NLP technology on the market, from industry-leading firm OpenAI. With this service, you can write new resumes and cover letters, as well as review existing ones, proofreading your document with artificial intelligence. There’s even a new feature called ‘Pyjama Jobs’ which matches job seekers with remote jobs. This turns the platform into something of a hybrid between an AI resume builder and a job board, which is a level of convenience that’s hard to come by.

Kickresume is also free for students! You can get this AI resume builder for free by proving your status as a student with ISIC, ITIC, or UNiDAYS. With a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription, you’ll also be eligible for a small selection of discounts tailored to students. This includes

Kickresume pros

  • Best selection of tools and features
  • Excellent selection of templates
  • Also includes cover letter templates and a cover letter builder
  • Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3
  • Comes with discounts on other services like Revolut, ISIC, and AmberStudent


  • Templates are mostly fixed in design (Arguably a good thing for saving time!)
  • No option to download your document as a Microsoft Word file

Who should buy Kickresume?

Kickresume is perfect for students looking for their jobs, whether that be full-time or part-time. A premium subscription even comes with helpful discounts on services typically used by students such as ISIC and AmberStudent. As a result, you might even find yourself saving money when you pay to upgrade.


Kickresume lists its pricing in EUR but we have converted it here to USD (Currency conversion by Google on February 7th, 2024). You can find the full list of features included with each plan here.

  • Free
  • Monthly ($20.46/month)
  • Quarterly ($12.92/month, billed as $38.77 every 3 months)
  • Yearly ($7.54/month, billed as $90.45 every 12 months)

Best AI resume builder for ATS optimization – Rezi

AI CV generator Rezi.

Rezi does one thing very well. A unique requirement of the resume / CV format is that it can be read by ATS software. ATS, meaning Applicant Tracking System, is the kind of software that your resume gets fed into before a hiring manager even reads it. This software system will look for relevant keywords that match the job description. Considering that you may not hear back from each company you apply to, you may never find out whether your resume made it through the automated ATS system. That’s no good, so here’s how to fix that.

With a focus on ATS optimization, Rezi includes an AI bullet point writer, specifically to generate job-specific resume content in a style that’s legible to software and humans alike. This comes alongside a bullet point editor, which improves any lists you’ve already written. This impressively comprehensive software even has a tool for improving your interview performance, by practicing the fast-paced question-answer scenario. Lastly, when you’ve successfully used Rezi and have bagged that new job, it will help you write a fair and professional resignation letter for your previous employer – a feature surprisingly overlooked in other platforms of this kind.

Rezi pros

  • Highly aware of ATS standards. Puts you in a stronger position than many CVs which won’t get read at all!
  • Resume summaries that are well-suited for a variety of industries and professions
  • No credit card is required when signing up for the free plan


  • Not the cleanest UI on this list
  • The free plan is very limited

Who should buy Rezi?

Rezi is ideal for junior applicants going into corporate roles. Both small and large firms use ATS software, but as it primarily saves time for hiring professionals sorting through large volumes of applicants, you’ll certainly want the peace of mind that your resume is ATS compliant.


  • Free ($0/month)
  • Pro ($29/month)
  • Lifetime ($129 one-time payment)

Verdict – which is the best AI resume builder?

In conclusion, Resume.io is our top pick overall. With a robust feature set offering total control, while still speeding up your job application processes with AI technology. Suitable for a wide variety of specific job descriptions, the NLP technology understands any industry you ask it to write about. Complete your professional resume with a nice selection of fonts, and easily customizable formatting such as bullet points. Your job application has never looked simpler.

The free plan will allow you to build your new resume and cover letter from scratch, and download them in txt format. As the documents they generate hold up in plain text format, this bodes well for legibility when fed through an ATS system. When you’re ready to upgrade, you’ll have access to customizable designs and a color picker tool that not all other options have. You can also add or remove your professional headshot photo from most templates, depending on whether or not your job calls for it. The ability to add and remove sections to adapt them to your desired role, as well as add links for jobs requiring a portfolio, all factor into the excellent user experience for a diverse audience of job seekers. Considering the above, you can see why we went with Resume.io for our overall best AI resume builder.

Steve is an AI Content Writer for PC Guide, writing about all things artificial intelligence. He currently leads the AI reviews on the website.