Latest Microsoft Copilot improvements make users’ lives easier

The logo for Copilot on a blue background showcases Microsoft's improvements.

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The latest improvements for Microsoft Copilot have been revealed as the company continues to improve its personal AI chatbot. The most notable of the upgrades are the additions of plugins, allowing Copilot to access third-party apps to help you with daily tasks, from making dinner reservations through OpenTable to picking up groceries for you using Instacart.

These Copilot improvements come courtesy of Yusuf Mehdi, Executive Vice President and Consumer Chief Marketing Officer for Microsoft, who announced the changes in a blog post. Copilot users can begin seeing these updates today through the app and the Microsoft Store. Anyone running Windows 11 and using Copilot can start enjoying the improvements immediately.

Copilot wants to help you spend money and be creative

More improvements have been introduced, including new skills that Copilot can perform for you. Simply put in a prompt to Copilot, and the companion will take the appropriate action, from showing your device information to emptying your recycle bin. These skills include:

  • Settings:
    • Turn on/off battery saver
    • Show device information
    • Show system information
    • Show battery information
    • Open storage page
  • Accessibility:
    • Launch live captions
    • Launch narrator
    • Launch screen magnifier
    • Open voice access page
    • Open text size page
    • Open contrast themes page
    • Launch voice input
  • Device information:
    • Show available Wi-Fi network
    • Display IP address
    • Show available storage space
    • Empty recycle bin

Users can also look forward to improved AI creativity in Copilot, including its new Generative Erase feature that allows you to erase imperfections in the Photos app by selecting them. There’s also the new Clipchamp silence removal, which will remove those awkward gaps in audio. The Chipclamp silence removal preview is available for users starting today.

Adding third-party app support seems to have the ulterior motive of enticing Copilot users to spend their money. If you want to purchase food through Instacart, you can do so by asking Copilot. In addition, more shopping apps will soon have plugin support in Copilot, including Kayak, Klarna, and Shopify. Having these services while barely lifting a finger makes spending as much cash as possible easier than ever.

Whether or not you plan on using these new Copilot chatbot updates, you can access them so long as you’ve updated your software. If you’ve yet to hop on the Windows AI companion train, check out the Microsoft 365 Copilot pricing so you can experience all that it can offer.

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