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What channel is CMT on Spectrum? Updated for 2024

Discover the channel number for CMT on Spectrum!
Last Updated on March 6, 2024
What channel is CMT on Spectrum
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If you were wondering what channel is CMT on Spectrum, we’ve got you covered.

CMT was the 69th most-watched channel in the US last year. It was launched in May 1983, and the interesting thing is that it was the first national channel that focused solely on country music. Even though it still offers coverage for music, it has expanded to other genres as well.

If you want to tune in, you should be aware that the channel number is different for each city and state. So, to that end, we’ve put together this guide, which contains the list of channel numbers for various states and cities. This should help you tune into CMT much quicker, so let’s jump into it without further ado. 

CMT channel number on Spectrum

The channel number for CMT for various locations is 293. However, there are places where the channel number is different. So, if 293 isn’t working for you, check the list below to find the channel number based on your state and city. 

City/StateChannel Number
•Corpus Christi, TX
•Indianapolis, IN
•San Antonio, TX
•Charlotte, NC
•San Diego, CA
•Louisville, KY
•Durham, NC
•Raleigh, NC
•Dallas, TX
•Milwaukee, WI
Albany, NY84
Bakersfield, CA53
Birmingham, AL79
Cincinnati, OH72
Cleveland, OH88
Columbus, OH77
El Paso, TX71
Kansas City, MO76
Lexington, KY56
Long Beach, CA154
Montgomery, AL63
Reno, NV68

Spectrum packages – Is CMT a part of all of them?

Spectrum offers three plans that have different numbers of channels and varying prices. On top of that, there are add-ons such as Entertainment View, which costs $15/month and has 70+ extra channels. However, remember that the Mi Plan Latino does not have CMT.  Below, you’ll see the breakdown of the cable plans, their price, and the number of channels.

Plan NamePriceNo. of channels
Spectrum TV Stream$39.99/mo75+
TV Select Signature$64.99/mo150+
Mi Plan Latino$39.99/mo145+

Can you find channels similar to CMT on Spectrum?

While CMT initially focused on music in the beginning, it has now expanded to different programs, including sitcoms and reality shows. In case you’re interested in similar content, you can check out some other channels on Spectrum, and you can learn more about them below.


Now that you know where to find CMT on Spectrum, we recommend that you add it to your list of favorites to make it more accessible. Before we wrap things up, remember that channel numbers are susceptible to changes. This means that Spectrum can change the channel number at any moment. So, if that happens, don’t worry; we’ll update our list with the latest information, so be sure to check back with us.

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