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Where to buy the LG M4 OLED TV – expected retailers

Everything you need to know
Last Updated on February 29, 2024
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The upcoming launch of the LG M4, the latest addition to the LG M-series lineup, is just around the corner and we’re here to share everything we’ve heard about its expected retailers. The LG M4, the successor to the highly acclaimed M3, is sure to hit the high-end OLED TV market by storm when it’s released later this year. But which retailers are expected to sell it? And, will it be available for pre-order? We’ll answer these questions and more in our comprehensive guide on where to buy the LG M4 OLED TV. Join us as we cover all the expected retailers of the product and whether it’ll be available for pre-order any time soon.

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Is the LG M4 available for pre-order?

After LG unveiled the release of the LG M4 at CES in January 2024, nothing else has been confirmed by the company in relation to the product’s release date. Meaning, that there has also been no official confirmation regarding the TV being available for pre-ordering. However, many release window predictions have been made, and if LG plans to continue its pattern of M-series release dates we should hopefully see the M4 arriving in Q3 2024. Check out our piece on the LG M4 release date rumors, to find out a bit more on this topic.

If the speculation is correct and LG does plan to release the LG M4 between July and September, then we can expect to see the product become available for pre-order sometime over the next few months. Stick with us, as we’ll be keeping you posted on any new information that comes our way!

Where to buy the LG M4 OLED TV – expected retailers in the US

Starting with the US, we expect to see the LG M4 available on Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg. In addition, to the official LG store of course. Follow the links below to see the current LG listings.

Amazon US

LG M4 on Amazon

Best Buy US

LG M4 on Best Buy

Newegg US

LG M4 on Newegg

Where to buy LG M4 – expected retailers in Canada

Similarly to the US, in Canada, we expect to see the LG M4 arrive in Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg stores. All are linked below.

Amazon CA

LG M4 on Amazon

Best Buy CA

LG M4 on Best Buy

Newegg CA

LG M4 on Newegg

LG official store CA

LG M4 on LG

Where to buy LG M4 – expected retailers in the UK

In the UK, we expect to see the LG M4 sold on Amazon and Currys. Follow the links below for the current LG listings.

Amazon UK

LG M4 on Amazon

Currys UK

LG M4 on Currys

LG official store UK

LG M4 on LG

How much will the LG M4 cost?

Similarly to its release availability, there is still no official confirmation on the price of the LG M4. However, by looking at the price of its predecessor, the LG M3, we can gauge what range the M4 will fall into. The LG M4 with its cutting-edge wireless video and sound capabilities can be expected to be placed at a similarly premium price, if not higher, than the LG M3. Here are three different models of the M3 and their respective prices:

  • 77-inch model – $5,000
  • 83-inch model – $8,000
  • 97-inch model – $30,000

What features does the LG M4 have?

The M4 is set to make waves within the world of high-end OLED TVs, due to its unparalleled graphic performance and impressive approach to connectivity. The TV harnesses a wireless approach, which allows HDMI devices to be connected by a separate Zero connect box that can be placed up to 30 feet away. Aside from a single power cable, this feature allows for a completely uncluttered experience, creating easier access and a clear space.

The M4 is powered by an Alpha 11 AI processor that aims to enhance user experience significantly, through a faster processing speed and a more vibrant viewing experience. Additionally, the M4 was created with Chromecast and Wowcast built-in, meaning it can connect to compatible LG soundbars without the need for cables

Wrapping up

LG’s newest flagship model, the LG M4, hosts an impressive range of specifications that make it a worthy competitor in the OLED TV market. With no official confirmation from LG on release dates or pricing, we can’t wait to find out more about when we might be seeing this product on the shelves. But until then, we hope this comprehensive where-to-buy guide has prepared you for its upcoming release.

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