Is GPT-4 open source?

Unlock the power of GPT-4, source code not included

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With the recent launch of OpenAI’s next-generation multimodal model, many are wondering – Is GPT-4 open source or not?

Unfortunately, GPT-4 is not open source. Although, just by looking at OpenAI’s previous trends it seems that this was expected.

OpenAI’s wildly popular chatbot (Chat GPT) and their famous GPT model (GPT-3) are currently not open source. In other words, you cannot access or modify the models’ source code.

But, what even is GPT-4? Well, for those who aren’t familiar, GPT-4 is the next-generation large multimodal model developed by OpenAI.

According to reports, users will have access to groundbreaking features such as image and text processing through this model.

Expect to see some exciting new features including the ability to generate captions and descriptions for images you feed it. There’s even evidence of the model generating recipe ideas just from an image of ingredients – this is pretty phenomenal stuff!

At the moment, there are rumors circulating that OpenAI is creating a GPT-4 mobile application. Although, this is yet to be confirmed by the developers themselves.

GPT-4 open source alternatives

So, that was probably not the answer you were hoping for. All is not lost, though. There are a couple of GPT alternatives that you could try out instead.


GPT-J is an open-source alternative to OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model, developed by EleutherAI in 2021. The model is significantly smaller and only contains 6 billion parameters.


GPT-NeoX is another open-source language model released by EleutherAI. This model exceeds GPT-J’s size but is still smaller than GPT-3, containing 20 billion parameters.

Is there a GPT-4?

In short, yes! Microsoft put an end to the speculation around GPT-4 last week, confirming that a new model is in the works.

The new model is currently available via Chat GPT, exclusively to Chat GPT Plus members. OpenAI will also be making GPT-4 accessible as an API for developers. To access the model this way, you’ll be required to join their waitlist here.

Final Thoughts

Considering OpenAI’s previous trends, it is no surprise that GPT-4 is not open source. It’s not the end of the world, however. In this article, we have shown you that there are a bunch of open source alternatives to OpenAI’s GPT models.

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