RTX 4070 Super size – dimensions explained

Curious about how big the new RTX 4070 Super will be? We'll let you know

RTX 4070 Super

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Nvidia has recently announced its RTX 40 Super series graphics cards, which include the RTX 4070 Ti Super and the RTX 4080 Super. However, one of the cards primed to make its debut from the series is the RTX 4070 Super. NVIDIA’s latest addition to its graphics card lineup has created quite a buzz in the gaming community, particularly for its size. So what exactly is the RTX 4070 Super’s size? We’ll tell you all.

For more articles on the RTX 4070 Super, visit our pieces on the upcoming release date and where to purchase. For now, let’s focus on breaking down the size of the RTX 4070 Super.

RTX 4070 Super size dimensions

RTX 4070 Super

Geforce RTX 770 Super graphics card offering exceptional performance.

GPU: AD104

7168 CUDA Cores


220 W TDP

It has been revealed that the RTX 4070 Super will have 240 mm x 110 mm x 40 mm dimensions. Let’s break down what this means for those interested in purchasing this model and what they can expect this to mean in relation to performance.

Length (240 mm)

The length of the RTX 4070 Super, at 240 mm, plays a crucial role in determining its compatibility with various PC cases. Users often pay close attention to this dimension to ensure the graphics card fits seamlessly into their build. This mid-sized length strikes a balance, making the RTX 4070 Super suitable for various cases, from compact builds to larger gaming towers.

Height (110 mm)

The graphics card’s 110 mm height will also affect how it fits into some cases, particularly those with limited vertical clearance. It also adds to the card’s overall profile. Nonetheless, the RTX 4070 Super’s comparatively typical height guarantees that it stays adaptable enough for most contemporary case designs, enabling users to incorporate it without worrying too much about limited space.

Thickness (40 mm)

The RTX 4070 Super has a thickness or depth of 40 mm. This dimension is essential for users considering custom cooling solutions because a thicker card may require more space for effective airflow. Users should also ensure the case they choose fits the RTX 4070 Super’s 40 mm depth, as some thin or compact cases may not be compatible with certain case thicknesses.

RTX 4070 Super size implications on performance

The card has 20% more cores than the RTX 4070 GPU, hence the increase in size. Besides impacting the overall build and fitting the GPU in the case, the dimensions can also impact the card’s thermal performance. The width and thickness influence the design and effectiveness of the cooling solution. A larger heatsink or an advanced cooling system may be accommodated in a thicker card, potentially enhancing thermal efficiency and improving overclocking capabilities.

Furthermore, the dimensions can also affect the positioning of power connectors, display outputs, and other ports on the card. Users should consider these factors when planning their build to ensure easy access and cable management. models basic dimensions.


Informed decisions are the best decisions

Making sure you do all your research into your GPU purchase is crucial to getting the most for your buck. Understanding the model’s basic dimensions are crucial step in doing so.

How big will the RTX 4070 Super be?

The RTX 4070 Super will be 240 mm x 110 mm x 40 mm. These measurements should be all gamers and users need to measure up the model so it fits seamlessly into their cases. It can be incredibly frustrating if your GPU is larger than anticipated and does not fit into your setup. It doesn’t have to be that way with the RTX 4070 Super.

Final thoughts

Knowing and understanding the card’s dimensions is important if you are trying to build your own PC with the new RTX 4070 Super in mind. With its 240 mm x 110 mm x 40 mm dimensions, the RTX 4070 Super balances compatibility and performance, making it a versatile option for various PC builds. As always, before making a purchase, it’s recommended to check the specifications of your chosen case and ensure that the RTX 4070 Super fits seamlessly into your gaming or professional setup.