Does Meta Quest 3 have eye tracking?

Can the new Meta headset detect eye movements?


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Meta reached new heights in its line of VR headsets last year, launching the Meta Quest Pro in October. The Quest Pro featured an inward sensor for eye-tracking capabilities. This year, Meta announced a new addition to its innovative line of VR headsets: Meta Quest 3. There is rising curiosity on whether the new model follows the Quest Pro’s eye tracking capabilities. During Meta Connect 2023 on Wednesday, the company gave more information about the VR headset, including whether Meta Quest 3 will have eye tracking or not.

Does Meta Quest 3 have the eye tracking feature?

Unlike Quest Pro 2 or the upcoming Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quest 3 does not have eye tracking. Quest 3 is better than Quest Pro in some aspects.

For instance, it has around 30% higher display resolution, a new chipset, a better refresh rate of 120Hz, and a larger field of view, thanks to pancake lenses. However, it does not have one of the most advanced features ever available in Meta’s VR headsets – eye-tracking. This does set it back a bit in the mixed reality field.

This is likely because of the price difference. Quest Pro costs $1,000, whereas Quest 3 comes at a price of only $499.99. However, the new VR headset still uses the field of view to track hand movements. Hence, the tracking rings around the touch plus controllers are removed.

Whether it’s good news or bad depends on how accurately Quest 3 can read hand movements, especially when they are not visible in the field of view. Meta says it will use AI to predict hand movements when they are not visible. How accurate this prediction is will only become clear when Quest 3 is released on October 10, 2023.

Final Thoughts

So, sadly the mixed reality features on the new VR headset from Meta will not include eye tracking. However, there is still a lot to love if you choose to purchase the device. RGB cameras and increased depth sensors, the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip and many other top-notch features make this a great introduction into the world of mixed reality headsets. 


Is Meta Quest 3 OLED?

Meta Quest 3 does not have OLED. It continues to use LCD display type like its predecessors. However, the display resolution is increased by around 30% to 2208 x 2064 pixels per eye. This makes for fantastic graphics on the virtual reality headset. 

Is Meta Quest 3 compatible with Quest 2 games?

Meta Quest 3 is backwards compatible with Quest 2 and allows you to use Quest 2’s library of over 500 VR games and apps.

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